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Top 5 Tips for Retail Website Attraction

The summer is now in full swing and sales in retail are looking to be positive for this quarter, but the big question that is being discussed centres around the purchasing online of goods vs in store purchases. 
Over the last 5 years in particular there has been a huge surge in online purchasing and the growth for ensuring your e-Commerce presence is able to cope with the flexible and ever changing needs of the consumer. So, what are the top 5 tips for Website Attraction in the Retail World? We have put together what we think you need to look out for and ensure is happening on your website to capture the consumer audience.

Tip 1 – Mobile Friendly

With mobile accounting for up to 59% of all online purchases, your site must be responsive to be seen, understood and have a friendly checkout on a mobile device – including phones, tablets and desktops. 

Tip 2 – Share Buttons

Sharing items with friends and colleagues allows your products to be seen by an untargeted audience. Sharing ideas for gifts with loved ones, or showing friends a new product will enable your site to gain traffic from trusted referrals. 

Tip 3 – Reviews

People buy from people – therefore positive reviews will allow others to proactively buy from you understanding others have been happy with the product and service received. Look into having reviews on your site and ongoing surveys and ratings, to ensure you are being seen in a great light. 

Tip 4 – Clear Product Descriptions

Not just for SEO purposes, clear product descriptions allow your return rate to remain low and for your customer service to remain high. Honest, easy to understand descriptions will allow people to make informed decisions around your purchase. 

Tip 5 – Beautiful Images

People also buy with their eyes. A professional picture will also sell more than one taken yourself on a device. Invest in beautiful product photography and allow customers to see the product in its best form. 

If you would like to know more about how to reach your customers, how to sell more product and more often, then please talk to us at Portcullis Market Access. We specialise in launching brands into the market and selling products globally into a mixture of retail and B2B markets. Talk to us today at info@portcullismarketaccess.com

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