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A Q&A With Our Managing Director – Rachael Gordon

Portcullis Market Access – Rachael Gordon Q&A 



Rachael Gordon – MD – Portcullis Market Access 

Jordan Holder – Account Executive – Portcullis Market Access 

1. Why are you so passionate about Start-ups? 

“I’ve worked with quite a few start-ups in the last 5+ years. I’m passionate because there’s so much to be gained from a business; particularly a product based business. Working with businesses from start-up to when they are fully fledged is great, the prospect of them taking a product to market is very very exciting!

2. Where do you find your enthusiasm and motivation? 

Lot of coffee and quite a few sweets. I’m a young mum, I have two young children whose excitement and thirst for life rubs off on me when I’m with them. I’ve come to the conclusion that life is only what you make of it!

3. Should businesses outsource work? 


It’s allowing other people around you to help, and whilst your business is your baby you have to let other people be experts in their field and help you too, otherwise you just won’t succeed.

4. When you have some spare time, what do you like to do? 

I quite like wine, socialising, dancing and singing. I spend time with friends, family and clients of course! It’s essential that you switch off to enable everything else to be exciting in your life otherwise you then can’t bring that into your business.

5. Top tips to anyone thinking of starting their own business? 

1.Get a business plan

2.Register your business

3.Set up a bank account

4. Surround yourself with people you trust

6. Thoughts on start-up funding? 

Whilst start-up funding is very important and positive, I don’t think they’ve quite got it right. There are other ways to achieve success without funding but I am very supportive of crowd and investment based funding. The banks need to take a look at how they approach new businesses. Bank’s only want to support you once you’re financially steady, which is when you don’t actually need the support.

7. Top tips for networking? 

Smile, Giggle and always remember people buy from people. Make yourself known in the group, take a real interest in what they do.

8. What’s the knock on effect for the UK’s start-up’s after BREXIT? 

There are already reactions to Brexit but we need to think long term rather than short term repercussions. There will be negatives in terms of accessing support and funding from oversees and will have a knock on effect to all. However, on the other hand, British brands that are sourced in Britain will have a stronger business as it’s more exclusive.

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