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4Privacy Stick™

‘Protecting Your Privacy Online'

The 4Privacy “computer on a usb stick” works on any PC, offering complete protection to your freedom of thought and private expression. 4Privacy Stick™ users can securely and effectively separate their “public” and “private” lives.

The simple to activate 4Privacy Stick™ device allows the user to use the processor of any host computer without using its memory and leaving no trace on the host computer’s hard drive.

The 4Privacy Stick™ encryption, VPN private community, emails, on line chat and VOIP online telephone accounts are already set up and ready to use. The simple non-technical language advice from 4Privacy Stick™ enables its users to prevent surveillance of their online activity by even the most sophisticated onlookers.

4Privacy Stick™ enables the highest level of online protection against hackers, marketing stalkers, hostile governments and business competitors.

In short, 4Privacy Stick™ will give back your personal freedom, and provide peace of mind.




Crowdfunding, Logo Design, Web Design, Funding Advice, Social Media, Product Testing, International Marketing, Account Management, Business Planning and SEIS.

Skill Set:

Branding, Web Design, Product Design, Financial Services, Funding, Social Media, Management, Business Planning.


Working with Portcullis has enabled me to have a focus and a goal. Together we have brought the product together with the Investment, Marketing and Launch Plan and enabled multi-functioning teams to work seamlessly together to launch.

Harry Drnec
Managing Director, 4Privacy Stick™



It’s fast, it’s up to date and it doesn’t matter how old your PC or laptop is – it will feel like a new machine.

The processing power is in the 4Privacy Stick™ not your PC.

It has its own inbuilt operating system so you can do all the things you are used to doing, from word processing to sending emails, making VOIP calls or browsing the internet, all in complete privacy and security.

Easy to install. Easy to use.

Rachael Gordon
Managing Director
+44 (0)7581 419 693
Investment Support
Crowd Funding
Copy Writing
Marketing Strategy
Sales Consultancy
Branding and Design
Web Development

*Percentage bars denote the focus of the work efforts for this particular client and project.

4Privacy Ltd came to Portcullis for support in finishing and launching their brand. A year on, the brand is now complete, website ready, PR Strategy and Marketing Team now in place and ready to support the first of 3 equity raises for the organisation. Following these, UK Sales will be managed by Portcullis, and we will be offering global support via a trusted 3rd party for USA Sales.


The 4Privacy Stick™ website was required to launch in 3 individual stages as the product went from preliminary design concepts and technical implementation, initial crowd funding stage, to the final product launch and retail purchase.

Portcullis were able to offer a unique, sleekly designed website that provided the necessary product information whilst keeping the technical jargon to a minimum. The site design was kept very clean and minimalist to provide customers browsing the site with enough information about the 4Privacy Stick™ and how it could help protect them online.


The 4Privacy site provided a unique challenge to create three full versions of the site for use at designated intervals throughout the project process. With the 4Privacy USB stick being a very technically driven product, it was important to ensure browsing customers had enough information to pique their interest in the product, without overwhelming them with too much information.

Usability & Design
Responsive Design
Online Security
UI Development
e-Commerce Functionality

*Percentage bars denote the focus of the work efforts for this particular client and project.

Jamie Sparks
Head of e-Commerce
+44 (0)1284 330 188


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4Privacy Stick™
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