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Our Services

Got a great business idea?

If you need help navigating through the difficult early years of developing your product and sales strategy or building your brand, get in touch. 

Portcullis Market Access has all the expertise to lead companies wanting to crack the UK markets, EU and USA/worldwide.

Our team of marketing, sales, retail and e-commerce professionals provide an ‘expert hub’ for brands and companies wanting personalised service that is focused on fast sales growth, to underpin your planned exit strategy.

  • PRESS & PR

If you have a great business idea or an existing business looking to grow, and are “stuck” without funding or substantial investment, get in touch with us.

Our partners unlock the ideal funding options available to your business, including Crowd Funding, Grants, Private and Online Investment.

We can help you to get your numbers right from the start with a viable Marketing, Sales and Exit Strategy that will underpin your business objectives.

Do you know what you want to achieve with your business, but don’t know how to get there?  Maybe you just don’t have the time or the right mix of skills in-house?   Contact us  for help to achieve your goals quickly.

Our team of marketing and sales experts can advise your business on everything you will need to do to run a profitable business.  We assess the whole picture, from initial product scope, research into demand, funding, stock costing and pricing, global shipping and order management, right through to packaging design, production and retail distribution.

You’ll find we don’t use jargon and our recommended sales journey is presented in a format of your choice, so it’s evident how to progress, what to do and when to do it. All options are carefully explained.

Get in touch to find out more about how we can help your business to flourish.

Are you selling to customers nationwide and beyond? 

Getting an e-shop running effectively and promoting online can be vital for the success of many businesses.

Our experts know their way around every online marketing tool that’s relevant for your sector, including how to use social media to build positive customer relationships and brand loyalty.

As well as designing and creating unique and customer-friendly e-Commerce sites, we are also able to assist with technical content for web pages such as Full Sales Policies including Terms & Conditions, Privacy Polices, Refund and Returns Policies.

Contact us  so we can guide you on exactly the right mix to support the growth of your business.

To achieve your business profitability and growth expectations, you’ll need a viable Sales Strategy.

Even the most respected retailers call on outside expertise when they want to maximise online sales or the impact of particular sales promotional campaigns.

We’ve supported some of the major independent retail brands in the UK and abroad, taking their online sales profits beyond their expectations.

Major retailers have benefitted from our advice on stock repositioning, rebranding and how to repurpose existing e-commerce sites or other vital online sales assets.

For commercially valuable advice on how to maximise your own Sales Strategy, do get in touch.

Minimum advertised pricing (MAP) policies are particularly critical to manufacturers who sell their products for online resale – we help our clients set these prices in order to best serve their online customers.

We also help our clients set the manufacturer’s suggested retail price (MSRP), list price or recommended retail price (RRP) of a product, which is the price the manufacturer recommends that the retailer sell the product for. Getting this right can be crucial for online and offline sales revenue.

Sometimes a product is superb, but its visual presentation is a block to sales success. Maybe the packaging unhelpfully hides the excellent product within, or it fails to entice customers enough to pick it up and explore its benefits.

Our talented branding, graphic design and illustration professionals work in 3D, print, web and digital formats. They can design solutions for every aspect of your product packaging, company logo and brand identity, visual merchandising, videos, photography and illustration.

If you have a great product idea, we have the expertise and contacts to make the entire process of planning its development, production and distribution very easy.  We research all similar products already on the market, leading on design and 3D printing of product packaging prototypes.

We explore all the required materials, manufacturing options and costs of production.  We’ll organise your product testing for industry safety and regulatory compliance, getting your product samples ready to begin sales meetings.

Business communication is no longer all about securing column inches in the traditional print media, but positive PR, whether online or offline, does help to get your good news and successes noticed by target customers. It’s also important to get your brands and key people seen and admired in all the right places.

We can find out where your target customers are hanging out and start talking with them about things you’re doing that they’re interested in.

Hiring our professional outsourced Press Office will underpin any strong business and sales strategy, whilst mitigating against any future negative PR and averting communications crises.

Our PR experts help to highlight the positive and prepare you well for anything negative that might happen to your business.

Get your PR Strategy and Communications right from the start by contacting us.

Having a great product idea and strong brand identity is just the start of your journey towards profitability and business success.

When you’re ready to start the manufacturing process, you will need to make many vitally important decisions about how to get your products to your customers (i.e. “logistics”).

Our team can advise you on all the options on logistical decisions you will need to make (e.g. size, weight and volume of the product, calculations on how many will fit a standard box, pallet and container size, whether or not you will need bespoke box design).

We can also help you to calculate the costs of freight and shipping, and to find reliable suppliers for air, sea and road transport.  Understanding what import duties will apply to your consignments, how to manage the Customs paperwork and all the insurance risks are part of the logistics services we can provide.

Get in touch if you’d like advice on how to organise your logistics to reduce risks and maximise profit.


Have a question about the services we offer or how we can help you and your business?