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5 Top Tips For Public Speaking

The first time I done public speaking was to an audience of over 150 business leaders at an Annual Conference and I was 17, my perspiration was as high as my nerves! However, I left the stage feeling great, and continue to do so every time I have the opportunity to speak. Since then, I have spoken at many other events attend numerous speaking events so I know a good speaker when I hear one.

(Me at 17!)

Below are my top tips on public speaking:

  1. Be prepared. Write out a script or at least some bullet points to help guide you in what you are going to discuss.
  2. Keep it brief and to the point. No one wants someone who “waffles” during a speech, the audience will lose interest and your whole speech will not be coherent.
  3. Pick out what your passion/topic is, then build a speech around that. This is rather than creating a whole speech with a lot of different factors and then trying to add in your main cause/purpose.
  4. Breath, relax and stay calm and you will control the room. The best public speakers are the ones that make you feel like you’re having a conversation with them, try to emulate this in your own. Furthermore, stay relaxed and breathe, although it may sound daft, it is vitally important. A lot of people rush speeches, treat it like a conversation and talk to your audience.
  5. Finally, leave them with a big finale. One of the best ways to do this is to throw in a memorable quote or saying that will leave the audience feeling inspired and uplifted by your speech.

Jordan Holder

Account Executive

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